Healthcare system is cash cow being bled, not just milked

This is one of those eye-popping graphics. Just consider the some of the implications of this data. I should make a list, but it would be too long. The Healthcare system is not just being milked as a cash cow, it is being bled by the extraordinary greed of he corporate establishment. Sure there is plenty of fraud and abuse, and plenty of inefficiency, but that pales in comparison to the built-in syphoning of mega$$$ by health insurance & BigPharma for shareholder payouts and ridiculous executive compensation packages. Not to mention the conversion of hospitals and other medical services from providers of care to public for-profit companies. Not even the not-for-profits have escaped the “become a business and prosper” mentality. The community hospital where I spent my career got infected with that mentality. Unfortunately, they picked bad investments (it was a healthcare institution, after all, not a venture capital group) . It cost them control and the hospital was acquired by a larger system. Business has bled this this cow to the absolute edge. If Americans want healthcare, we will likely eventually end up with single payer because we HAVE to, just too bad we have to suffer so long to get there. But until there is no more blood to suck, we are stuck.

3 thoughts on “Healthcare system is cash cow being bled, not just milked

  1. I think if each state had their own Health care reform plan there still would have to be geeareliznd rules/procedures for all across the states. Otherwise you would have people moving to other states to get into the best plan they thought fit their families particular health needs and fiances. (thus where the follow-up question you asked comes in)So in that aspect I don’t think it would work as efficient as having a Government plan where it is the same across the whole US.ORMaybe there should be some type of Healthcare reform where it is mandated strictly for the Health Insurances carriers that we already have. It seems they should be regulated more on making affordable pay scales for various types of income with better and more flexible coverage and payment plans. Private Insurance carriers are owned by individuals and corporations, they are in the business to make money as that is their business just like any other business they want to make a profit. It is not about healthcare it is a business nothing more and nothing less. In otherwords make it more structured and competitive so that new Insurance carriers can come into the market thus giving more options on carriers for everyone in all types of income levels. Right now it is very limited to only a handfull of carriers that own the whole Healthcare Insurance Industry so yes in CONTROL of your health. They can and do deny procedures and healthcare services all the time this is nothing new.Health care cost would have to be regulated also as of now the sky is the limit on what they charge. If you have insurance they charge the Insurance company about 40% sometimes up to 70% less then what they charge a person who has no insurance for the same procedure. I know this as fact as a clinic once explained it to me and how it works if you have insurance and those that do not. They explained this to me in detail when they asked if I had insurance and I asked what does it matter if I do or if I don’t as long as I pay the fees.So maybe if the Private insurance carriers and healthcare facilities, Pharmacies etc. had certain rules and payscales to follow then it might work otherwise I do not see it working if it was strickly state by state.The healtcare system is not working the way it is now and is out of control, this I think everyone can agree on, that something indeed needs to be done.

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